To make a premium level decor, we employ bright people with great creative and professional potential. A sense of beauty, love for art, the ability to create beautiful, stylish and original decor are just a few of the qualities that distinguish LID'S EVENTHOUSE team.

We realize that the decor plays a key role in any event, so we feel responsibility to our customers and partners. That’s why self-discipline, dead-lines, responsibility and fulfillment of obligations are integral parts of our team’s work.

Another important feature of LID'S EVENTHOUSE team is our love for the job. Sometimes we work 24/7, manage multiple projects simultaneously, experience pressure - and yet we get a lot of drive!  
Working shoulder to shoulder for a long time, we have really become a united team: we solve all tasks together and are always ready to help each other. Otherwise, however, we would not be able to create such a fabulous decor and would not have a stable positive reputation.



тел.: +7 (495) 643-43-50, +7 (985) 643-43-50

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