To make a premium level decor, we employ bright people with great creative and professional potential. A sense of beauty, love for art, the ability to create beautiful, stylish and original decor are just a few of the qualities that distinguish LID'S EVENTHOUSE team.


We realize that the decor plays a key role in any event, so we feel responsibility to our customers and partners. That’s why self-discipline, dead-lines, responsibility and fulfillment of obligations are integral parts of our team’s work.


Another important feature of LID'S EVENTHOUSE team is our love for the job. Sometimes we work 24/7, manage multiple projects simultaneously, experience pressure - and yet we get a lot of drive!  

Working shoulder to shoulder for a long time, we have really become a united team: we solve all tasks together and are always ready to help each other. Otherwise, however, we would not be able to create such a fabulous decor and would not have a stable positive reputation.


Lidiya Simonova

LID'S EVENTHOUSE founder and CEO Lidiya Simonova stood at the origins of decor industry in Russia. Today she is one of the foremost experts in this field. She regularly gives interviews to famous glossy magazines, conducts masterclasses and other educational events.

Lidiya: "It's been 15 years since LID'S EVENTHOUSE was founded. However, we feel the same drive as on the very first day. A lot has been done, but I believe that we are only at the beginning of the journey! In the future, we will certainly please our fans with even more ambitious and large-scale projects!"

Alisa Borisova

Position: project manager

Work experience in the company: 5 years

Specialty: teacher

Alisa: "I am engaged in complex project management: I communicate with clients and agencies, develop concepts of events, make cost sheet, supervise the production and implementation of the project on-site. I like the motion, the pace that is set, the variety of projects. For example, today there is a wedding, tomorrow – a christening, the day after tomorrow - an anniversary of a 70-year-old man, and then – Halloween.

My favorite moment in project prepation is the morning when I show the site to the client. He sees how the project has been realized, and his eyes fill with happiness. When he says: "How wonderful it is!". When you see how guests are delighted. When after the event you receive messages with words of gratitude, when people write that thanks to us the day of the celebration turned into the best day in their lives! And then they come again and again. It's especially touching when the couples whose weddings we decorated ask us to decorate their children’s holidays!"

Anna Dolina

Position: floral decorator

Work experience in the company: 5 years

Specialty: floral decorator

Anna: "I am responsible for selecting the assortment, buying fresh cut flowers and plants and, of course, for floral decoration. Buying for me is like a sport! It is necessary to find something of definite sort and color, or some zest. This is not easy! And then, when decorations are installed – I feel great pleasure! I am a universal specialist. If you work in events, you have to be like that: there are a lot of quite different tasks. To fulfill them, you must be able to do everything. At the same time, we are constantly improving ourselves and learning new things."

Alexey Reves

Position: architect

Work experience in the company: 3 years

Specialty: architect

Alexey: "My job is to create  design plans and specifications, to prepare technical documentation of various kinds, to bring together different parts of the project on the technical level. I also coordinate our project plans with technical specialists and with related organizations, make drawings schemes, provide supervision at all stages of project implementation. It is worth noting that the architect has deep knowledge of design rules and standards, materials, engineering systems, lighting, communications and assembling. Thanks to this knowledge, we create aesthetic, technically competent, and, importantly, safe decorations."

Maria Gaidamachenko

Position: designer

Work experience in the company: 4 years

Specialty: environmental designer, graphic designer

Maria: "I am engaged in the development and implementation of creative concepts for celebrations, weddings and shopping malls. I'm inspired by creative customers, with their vision of the project and their ideas. So I try to combine my inspiration with the inspiration of people for whom the decor is created. Then a cool project comes out! It is also interesting to work with new sites for our events. It feels like  plunging into a new unknown world, which is ready to meet you and a new decor!”

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